With the PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER course you can improve your skills as a diver. It allows divers to personalise their training programme and learn different underwater tasks that broaden their knowledge of the environment and their ability as divers, such as: object recovery, species recognition, night diving, deep diving and orientation.

It consists of 5 dives, one at Mal Pas Beach and 4 at Benidorm Island, ideal for diver training and practice.

To be able to enrol on this course you must be 16 years old and be in possession of PADI Open Water level (or equivalent FEDAS, CEMAS, SSI, IDEA,…).


The PADI EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE (EFR) course is a very useful course for all divers and is carried out in a completely practical way in our facilities at the Benidorm Yacht Club.

With this course you will learn the steps and techniques to follow to handle emergencies that may arise in everyday life and in the practice of your underwater hobby, such as falls, injuries, fatigue, hypothermia, dizziness, fainting, etc…

The course consists of a theoretical and practical class with a simulator dummy where you will practice artificial respiration, bandages, cardio pulmonary resuscitation, splinting, etc…


With the PADI RESCUE DIVER you will learn to increase safety awareness, develop skills to anticipate and prevent problems, as well as to manage them.

You will learn effective rescue techniques and dive-specific first aid techniques. The rescue techniques you will learn in training form the basis for handling diving emergencies.

Managing a diver’s stress can prevent a problem, in this course you will practice with simulated rescue situations of a panicked, unconscious, tired diver, etc. In order to enrol in this course you must be in possession of PADI Advanced Open Water level (or equivalent FEDAS, CEMAS, SSI, IDEA,…), in addition to certifying at least 25 dives.